Hello and welcome to my presentation page!

I have a strong interest in CAD, fabrication and all mechanical things.
On a hobby-level I’ve used various 3D software since 2004 and started with 3D-cad around 2007, before I was more into game-modelling.
Last few years I’ve moved into designing for 3D printing and CNC-milling but also design for manual fabrication.
I’ve worked with different types of steel, plastic and aluminium, and have some experience with MIG, stick and TIG welding.
I have a high proficiency with computers and good know-how when it comes to both electronics and low voltage electrics(>50VAC).

Check links below for various examples.

Creations made in Solidworks, ment for 3D-printing.

Fabrication/CNC work

CNC-conversion of a 1947 K&T mill w/ vertical head

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